Odours from incineration

The not welcome odours from the company which burns garbage, came into this building though their filter system.  After installation of a Induct 5000 & 10000 (custom built) in their system, this problem was solved. Remark client: “even in a meeting with 10 people the air in the meeting room was nice and proper”…It saves this company a lot of money buying active carbon filters.


RCI in a laboratory

In this case the RCI was installed to create a clean environment in the laboratory. This research lab was built to create a strong flower, named ‘chrysant’. Four RCI 10.000 were installed in the airco system, so the whole department, consisting of several rooms was provided with clean air.

Bacteria on surfaces in an apple cutting factory

 Have a nice and good sleep

 S.E.R.B Stem End Ring Breakdown


 RCI in a laboratory

 Fungi in packaging department red berries

 Nicotine in smoking area's

 Mildew and botrytis on roses

 Fungi in a refrigerator

 Taugé units


 Botrytis and false mildew on onions plants

 Odours from incineration

 “Witte waas” (fungi) on apples, this case the ‘Elstar apple

 Resultaat petry test rode bessen verpakkingsruimte


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